AHHHH!!! at Automated Phone Services!!

I had to make several phone calls to different companies and they all had those dreaded answering services. The first thing I hear is, “For English, press 1, For Spanish, press 2.” That was the easy part!!

The next step was to type in my account codes. If you are too slow, the machine hollers at you that it did not compute your information and PLEASE TRY AGAIN!! 20 minutes later, I finally get that under control and then they have options for where I can go next! I have options WHERE THEY CAN GO NEXT!!!!!!

They now have the voice option. You can speak your instructions into the machine and then it will do what you request… SUPPOSEDLY… If you have the unfortunate ability to say Um or Uh, it will not be able to process your information and it will continue to make you speak your information. By now, I am screaming for “CUSTOMER SERVICE!!”

By the time, I FINALLY, get to speak to a customer service representative, I am so MAD and out of my mind!! It takes me several moments to calm down and catch my breath. I always feel bad for the person who gets my call, because I am not feeling friendly anymore… if EVER…

Dear Companies,

Please do your employees and customers a favor and remove this dreaded service. You are making customers ANGRY and making them UNFRIENDLY to your employees. We all know that it is not the employees fault, but we are too irate to correct our behavior and physically shaking on the other end.

Help us all out and just let PEOPLE answer the phone! I love talking to a live person and not a machine. I am a much nicer person when I am engaging people and not that BLASTED SERVICE!!

Thank you for your consideration. I appreciate it.

Sincerely yours,

Sophie Grumble


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