Taxes! =P

Dear Internal Revenue Service,

This time of year tends to scare me! I haven’t done anything wrong (not on purpose anyway.) I am always in fear that you will come to my door and demand my receipts and things. This Men At Work song plays in my head…

You, obviously, bring out the worst in people…

You even found your way in a kid’s song and caused a cucumber to do this:

This is at Christmas time and people (or in this case, a cucumber) are still worried about YOU!!

We all have these anxieties about THE TAX MAN. I signed my name on the line, dated and sent my check to you. If you do come to my door and take my last cookie, I will find a way to make more. That is what being an American is all about. We bounce back, even at tax time, so we can do this dance all over again…

I’m not going to be happy about it though…

Grumpily yours,

Sophie Grumble


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