Chicken Style Shenanigans

My brother loves chickens. He sends me funny chicken jokes or pictures all the time. It worsened when I had to buy a gift for a friend, who loves blue chickens. I could not find them anywhere, so I asked my brother for help. The teasing has been INCESSANT!! So, in honor of my dear brother, this post is all about CHICKENS!

Let’s WAKE UP first:

Now, do your STRETCHES:


aw lol Pictures, Images and 

Run chickens, run! Pictures, Images and Photos

arrested development chicken Pictures, Images and Photos

chicken butt Pictures, Images and Photos

Chickens Pictures, Images and Photos

Have you hugged a chicken today? BAWK! BAWK!!

Tenderly yours,

Sophie Grumble


2 thoughts on “Chicken Style Shenanigans

  1. Can’t help but smile at that!! šŸ™‚ Wonder what that hen did to manage to get that posse after her. Probably got out of the pecking order. I admire that Rooster, what a set of lungs.

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