Dobby Dog GRUMBLE!! =\

I have a crazy dog named Dobby. He got his name from the mischievous house elf from Harry Potter. Our dog has big ears, like the elf, and that is why we chose it.

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He is a papillon with HIGH ENERGY and twice the size of a normal papillon. They are supposed to be very small dogs. Mine is a monster comparably. Dobby was the runt, but you would never guess it! People have asked if he is a mixed breed and I can answer with confidence that he is a purebred.

I have not done a lot of research on these dogs, but from experience, mine is VERY ACTIVE!! One of his favorite activities is to bark, incessantly, at the door. He may know who is there or not, but goes nuts every time! Once you open it, he jumps all over you! On many occasions, I have almost been knocked over…

He, also, likes to chew things up. You cannot leave underwear, pants, socks or shoes on the floor. He will chew them to shreds and stare at you with this “I WIN” look! Dobby loves our hampers, as well. We have small decorative holes in them and he figured out how to get the clothes out and have a feast! We had to line them with trash bags to keep him out…

This is my MONSTER:

He likes to eat our trash too! We have these trash cans with lids in the bathrooms. You tap the pedal with your foot and they open. Dobby figured out how to do it and takes off with his prize to our rug in the living room. There, he tears it to pieces and leaves a nice mess for you to clean up. We have to keep the doors shut, so he won’t do this. When you have kids, that doesn’t always happen…

My girls have tormented him on a regular basis. They have put him under a laundry basket and raced him on the carpet! They tease him and play rough with him. He doesn’t like it, growls and he expresses himself well…

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When he is mad at you, he leaves a large poo clump at the bedroom door of the person he is angry with. He may have gone outside to relieve himself, but he stores some for these moments! I KNOW IT!! If you really irritate him, he will urinate at your door, as well. Sometimes, right in front of you, where you step. He knows the chase around the house will commence and he knows to run for dear life!!

My husband says daily, at least 20 times, that he hates the dog! He tells me he has ruined his life and why did we end up with such a problematic dog?? Yeah! Do you know how many times I have caught him playing with Dobby or napping with him? I know he loves that dog! He won’t admit it though!

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There are many more examples I could state, but I’m not writing a novel. For every bad thing, there are sweet moments too. If we are sitting on the couch reading, he will curl up next to us and stay there for hours. When we are in tears, he will crawl in our lap and let us hug him until we are okay again. He is great to cuddle with during a movie. He licks your face and then falls asleep. I LOVE THESE MOMENTS!!

No matter how insane Dobby makes me, I can’t help but love him! He brings so much joy to our family and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I love you, Dobby, and thank you for being YOU! As soon as I find you, I’m covering you in kisses!! HERE, BOY!! =D

My boy:


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