Dad’s Advice

My 2 daughters, 3 nephews and dad =)

I could write a novel about how much my dad meant to me, but decided to share one of my favorite things about him instead.

My dad wrote us letters all the time. He would stick “advice” (found in the Houston Chronicle) in his notes and it always made us laugh. This is not your ordinary “advice”…

Here is a sampling of some of my favorites:

My dad loved to tease my husband about marrying me:

…I always told you that you were marrying an angel and “its a way of life”:

Sam says his wife is just like an angel. She’s always up in the air and harping on something.

…You all have a great weekend.
Love, Dad & Grandpa

Our oldest girl is thinking about going to The University of Texas at Austin. Here was his advice about that:

… J.D., you are in charge now of the girls proper education so please make sure that your oldest realizes she can’t pass a U.T. entrance exam if she doesn’t know this:

Q: What kind of dog does Dracula have?
A: A bloodhound

Q: What do you get when you cross an elephant with a computer?
A: A 10,000 pound know-it-all.

Betsy Ross did more than make the first flag. When she finished, she asked people what they thought of it, thus also making the first flag poll.

…Love you all and have a great weekend.
Love, Dad & Grandpa

He loved to tease me about being a parent and here is one (of many) examples:

A mother was preparing pancakes for her young sons. The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. The mother saw the opportunity for a lesson. “If Jesus was sitting here,” she said, “he would say, ‘Let my brother have the first pancake, I can wait.'” The oldest boy turned to his brother and said, “You can be Jesus.”

It will be interesting to see what their reaction would be. …Well, I hope that will be helpful. You all have a great weekend.
Love Dad & Grandpa

He loved giving his “advice” to the kids:

…J.D., Please tell your youngest she needs to know this for her American History class:

Q: Why did the cowboy carry a cannon into town?
A: He wanted people to think he was a big shot.”

When I was going through his desk and packing his things to move to my home, I found a huge amount of these newspaper clippings in an envelope. He was saving them to send in future letters. It made me miss him so much. I could not have asked for a better dad.

I love you, dad, and I hope you are not causing too much trouble up there! =)

Sincerely yours,

Sophie Grumble


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