Burial for Toys???

I have heard A LOT of bizarre things out of my youngest, but her most recent tale had me in stitches! Last week, she told me she had a burial for her green fuzzy worm at school. She invited her closest friends, they dug a deep hole in the school playground and buried Cuddles.

She informed me that 2 toys are buried at school, 14 are buried in our backyard and 1 at a friend’s house. Cuddles, her most recent loss, lost her eyes, nose and fell apart. (She claims a friend did it) She wrapped her in tissue paper with all of her pieces and said, “She was a great friend and I had to give her a proper burial. Humans have them, why not toys?” My husband tried to explain to her about humans having souls and toys do not, but she wouldn’t have it!

My favorite story is about the one in her friend’s backyard. The parents had informed the kids that there were doughnuts in the kitchen and she left her McDonald’s doll (she got it in a happy meal) on the floor. When she came back, her friend’s little brother had the doll in one hand and its arse in the other. “It clogged up on the insides and couldn’t poop. So, it died of constipation!” So, she buried it.

She says our dog killed most of her toys (I don’t doubt it), but I think Toy Story has affected my child! She sees her toys as friends:

Upon further thought, the last funeral my youngest attended was her Grandpa’s. Did it effect her more than I thought? She really has a very sweet and caring disposition and was very close to him…

I heard her penguin lost its head and is due to be buried. Maybe I need to do a little more investigating and have a heart to heart conversation with her…

Sincerely yours,

Sophie Grumble

*Monday Madness will return in September! Coming soon…


6 thoughts on “Burial for Toys???

  1. I’ve seen it in the movies – Tootie in “Meet Me in St. Louis” buried her dolls – but never heard of anyone doing it in real life. I think that it’s a sign of caring. Good for her!

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