Sophie Got The Bullseye!!!! =D

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It took me 3 times (at the shooting range) to do it, but it finally happened!! I GOT THE BULLSEYE!! It was once, but I will take it!! WOOHOO!! I am centralized in my shooting, but was aiming too high for most of them. Need to work on that… Progress is progress and I am making it!

My husband and I had separate targets this time. The other two times, we shared a target. I wanted to see how I was doing on my own. I am sooooo keeping that target sheet too! My first BULLSEYE ever!! That is a keeper!

I am so excited to see that my .38 Special and I are becoming acquainted. I am getting faster with the “Cock it and BOOM” too! WOOHOO! This is more fun than I thought!!

My husband is getting better with his gun, as well. I am looking forward to our next adventure! Until next time…

Sincerely yours,

Sophie Grumble


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