Sisters Through and Through!

My youngest (who is 11) sits beside me in church every Sunday. My oldest (who is 16) works in the sound booth and usually stays there the whole service, except for this week. Her best friend sat with us and my youngest didn’t miss a beat. She turned to me and said, “OH! Now she sits with us with her best friend here!!”

When the service was over, my youngest went to her sister, (who was back in the sound booth) and started yelling at her for this offense! My oldest came to talk to me after this scream fest and was in tears. She proceeded to tell me what her sister had done.

The fighting continued when we got home. My oldest tried to explain, but my youngest wouldn’t have it! As the afternoon progressed, my youngest was still giving my oldest a hard time. I finally looked at my youngest and said, “ENOUGH! Your sister has been trying to make peace with you and explain her actions. You have been screaming at her and not giving her a chance. Now, STOP AND LISTEN!!”

The explanation: My oldest sat with us, because no one was in the sound booth with her. She usually stays there, because she thought it would be rude to leave, when the other person had to stay. (She works the powerpoint for the songs and the other person works the sound for the whole service.)

My youngest started crying and said, “I thought you liked your best friend more than me and you wanted to be with her more than me.” My oldest got up and went to her sister and said, “No. That is not true. You are my sister and I love you more. She is my best friend, but you are my sister. I love God, then my family and since she is my best friend, she is right behind all of you.”

They hugged each other tight. My youngest was still in tears, but the fighting was over. They finally had the talk they needed and peace transpired.

Sisters will be sisters, but there is a strong bond in this relationship. When they work together, support and love each other, it is quite a beautiful thing to see. I’m sure it won’t be long before the next outburst, but I am going to enjoy the quiet while it lasts. =)

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Sincerely yours,

Sophie Grumble


6 thoughts on “Sisters Through and Through!

  1. That was a sweet end to the fracas, but I’m so glad to know that the stubborn streak didn’t skip a generation. 😉

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