To Whom It May Concern!! =/

I am writing this to inform the executives at the TV Networks that my frustration level is HIGH!!

First, I do not know why there are GINORMOUS breaks for shows like Falling Skies
Falling Skies Pictures, Images and Photos

Cast Pictures, Images and Photos

The Big Bang Theory
The-Big-Bang-Theory.4.11 Pictures, Images and Photos

White Collar
White Collar Pictures, Images and Photos

This is just a few of the many shows that are taking LOOOOOOONG breaks. You get about 6 episodes and a wait period of several months to a FULL YEAR!! I like the way things used to be!! If making us wait is about money or ratings, you have lost what is truly important and the only accomplishment you have done is to ANNOY us!! =/

Here are some shows that didn’t need extended breaks…
The Cosby Show
The Cosby Show Pictures, Images and Photos

Family Ties
Family Ties Pictures, Images and Photos

The A-Team
the a-team dirk benedict Pictures, Images and Photos

Charlie’s Angels
Angels Pictures, Images and Photos
All was good in the TV world then.

All I ask is that you return programming to the way it was! It is hard for me to remember details when there are extended gaps between episodes. I do not enjoy recaps either. That could be spent with the SHOW!! I want QUANTITY with the quality!

Second, you cancelled some of my FAVORITE shows! They may not have billions of viewers, but they did have their fair share of fans. Here are a few that I am irritated about:

No Ordinary Family
no ordinary family Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights Pictures, Images and Photos

Lie To Me
Lie to me Pictures, Images and Photos

Ratings, money and power may be your motivation, but I hope you will listen to reason. If you frustrate your viewers, you may lose them. You are always asking for our input, here it is. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Sophie Grumble


6 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern!! =/

  1. Unfortunately, the TV business is about money and ratings. Storytelling isn’t important anymore as much as product placement, ratings and pretty people (or extremely funny). They found a formula to keep ratings high by inserting shows when other (or parent) networks are in re run or ditching failed shows to capture those not interested in re runs. These niche shows are destined to stay there because the networks don’t need to roll them into the mainstream because most folks have multiple channels and can follow them. Yes, it is inconvenient to the viewer and I agree they need to shorten the lapses, but the difference is numbers. They film 13 or 24 episodes a season depending if they are B network or A network. That is, if the ratings don’t get them canceled by week 2. Who knows how many great shows might have been that were lost to a poor pilot.

    I think another part of the problem is slow developing stories. People these days seem to prefer all the story done in 42 or 22 minutes rather than over a series of weeks. No attention span or too busy to watch multiple episodes? You can pick, but the serials have been suffering.

    I don’t know if they will see this in your blog, but if you write the networks themselves or complain on the fan sites on facebook, you might get a little more notice and gather a few fellow believers to back you into changing their minds. They do look at that as is evidenced by the change in White Collar’s opening back to the original one after fans spoke up about not liking the change.

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