River Haus in the Pines

My husband and I just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this past weekend. My husband surprised me with a getaway to Leavenworth, Washington. We had an amazing time and were pleasantly surprised by the place we stayed for our visit.

About a mile outside the charming Bavarian-style town is the River Haus in the Pines . The moment you step in the door, you feel welcome. The hosts, Mike and Cindy, are amazing and take care of your every need. If you want wine waiting in your room, reservations to a restaurant in town or information about Leavenworth, they are there to help. They are definitely part of the wonderful experience. They always have a smile on their faces and friendly demeanor.

The rooms are beautifully decorated. They look like something out of HGTV. We stayed in the Eagle Creek Room. The bed was comfortable and the bathtub! It is HUGE!! (They offer a Bath Bomb that is out of this world- definitely worth the price!) I don’t need to describe the view right outside our window, I will show you:

Enough said!

The breakfast every morning was spectacular. Cindy is an outstanding cook and her food tastes like something out of a 5 star restaurant. She uses the best ingredients and some of the berries and herbs are from her garden. She decorates the tables with flowers and elegant style.

I have been to my fair share of bed and breakfasts. This one is the best and is truly a slice of heaven. My husband and I didn’t want to leave. Mike and Cindy are a blessing and we are thankful to have met such lovely people. Pay them a visit. You will not be disappointed. I Promise!

Cindy and Mike are on the left. =)

This is Cooper. He is a sweet host, as well. =)

Sincerely yours,

Sophie Grumble


12 thoughts on “River Haus in the Pines

  1. Can you believe–I have lived in the PNW all my life, and I have never been to Leavenworth?? How very sad is that?? The next time The Man and I plan a short getaway, we’ll have to keep this place in mind… What a nice treat for you and your hubby!


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