New Look to Facebook- You Be The Judge!

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Facebook changes things on us, the weary public, all the time. I have to admit, I DO NOT like the new look to the News Feed. I like things in one place and now, information is scattered everywhere.

I posted a status to complain about this nonsense:

Sophie Grumble: I am putting my 2 cents in and saying… I DO NOT LIKE THIS NEW LOOK ON FB!! It’s bringing out my grumpy side!! =/
Like · · about an hour ago
7 people like this.

Friend 1: It’s obnoxious. They always have to move things around, don’t they?
about an hour ago · Like

Friend 2: I only have my ph to go by but it seems like some issues were improved. I dont have an issue with it. 😀 everyone else seems too though!
about an hour ago · Like

Friend 3(aka my brother): I am sorta getting used to it. It is kinda of weird at first, but I do like that they have
subdivided it into the most recent posts so you can see what has happened since you last checked. I also like the bigger pictures.
58 minutes ago · Like

Friend 4: Please explain it to me. I haven’t figured it out yet.
55 minutes ago · Like · 1 person

Sophie Grumble: Friend 1- Yes, it is! Drives me crazy! Friend 2- Get to a computer and you will see what the fuss is all about. I don’t notice it on my phone either. Bro- I’m not going to get used to this any time soon. It makes my brain hurt! Friend 4- I don’t think it can be figured out… lol
47 minutes ago · Like

Bro: I sent you a message Friend 4.
35 minutes ago · Like

Friend 5: Google opened their new social networking today. They had to do something.
22 minutes ago · Like

Bro: I guess Jedi mind tricks would work on you then sis heh heh. >:^)
16 minutes ago · Like

Sophie Grumble: Friend 5- They may get a lot of people today. I will not be one of them… yet. Bro- Brat! =P
a few seconds ago · Like

Friend 4: Friend 3, I did not get the message. I cannot find where my messages are now on FB. I guess I really need help with this.
3 minutes ago · Like

Friend 3: Next to the word Facebook there are three little icons. The middle one should be lit. Click on that and it should take you there. 🙂
20 hours ago · Like

Friend 6: Agree. . . .
16 hours ago · Unlike · 1 person

Friend 7: To be honest, I hadn’t noticed there were changes.
9 hours ago · Like

Friend 7: Obliviousness is blissfulness.
9 hours ago · Unlike · 1 person

You know how I feel about it! Now, how do you feel about it?? Does it make you crazy too?

Grumpily yours,

Sophie Grumble =/

Updated at 11:37am on 9/22/11


2 thoughts on “New Look to Facebook- You Be The Judge!

  1. You just aren’t an early adopter are you? The more I play with it the more I am beginning to like it. The right top side pane is really handy as you can roll over it and see what the friends posted on and the rest of the responses. You have to let your pointer linger for a few moments though. Pretty cool. 🙂

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