Would You Put That In Your Hair?

Fashion in the 80s was very bold. It was all about color and outstanding hair! What combined these elements together was the fantastic accessories. Take a look at these:

Madonna started this hair bow style. Can you guess which movie this photo is taken from?

Remember the scrunchy? I had a bunch of these in various colors…

The banana hair clip! You couldn’t be an 80s girl without one of these…

Dyed hair and wigs were popular as well.

Remember this famous lady? What movie is this picture taken from?

This guy was famous for his top hat. Can you guess which band he is in and who he is?

Yes, those are shoestrings!

Remember these puffy bows? They were usually worn in the back of the hair, but they always made an outfit stand out!

We cannot leave out my FAVE hair accessory- The BANDANA! I wore a red one A LOT in my teen years. =D

This rocker helped make them famous! Can you guess who he is and what band he is in?

So did this one! =D

How could I possibly leave Hulk Hogan out?

It was so much fun to be an 80s teen. What can I say? BOLD is Beautiful! =D

Like Totally Yours,

Sophie Grumble


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