Sweet Shoes!!

Happy New Year! We are going to start it off with a look back at 80s shoes! They were a very big part of the 80s fashion. Remember these gems?

We will start with the High Tops!

Air Jordans!!

Guess who this famous guitarist is and what band he is in?

How about some Doc Martens?

Can you guess who this British 80s band is?

We can’t leave out the jelly shoes!

Flats were very popular to the 80s teen. They came in many colors and styles. Take a look at these…

Remember the Two and a Half Men star who wore these famous shoes? What is his name and what movie are these shoes from?

Penny Loafers! They were not cool, if they didn’t have the pennies in them!

Vans! The most popular was the black and white checkered pattern…

What was Sean Penn’s character name in this movie?

I hope you have enjoyed this journey through 80s shoes. What was your favorite shoes from the 80s? Would you wear them today? I challenge you to bring out your 80s shoes and wear them proudly! I’m bringing out my high tops! Who’s with me? =D

Like Totally Yours,

Sophie Grumble


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