Happy Birthday 80s Style!

My birthday is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with an 80s themed party!

First, we must have cake! Which 80s movie is this image taken from? Who is the famous actress that stars in this film?

sixteen candles Pictures, Images and Photos

Second, we must have gifts! I can, definitely, live with a car as a gift! Which 80s movie are these cars from? Who gave this car as a gift?

But not this… (Remind me NOT to invite this guy!!) Can you guess which 80s movie this is from? Who is the actor who gave this birthday gift to her?

Third, You can’t have a great party without music and some serious dancing! You have to know this movie! One of the most popular of the 80s!

I’m, definitely, inviting that kid! =D I was 16 years old when this movie came out. You will have to do the math to guess my age. I’m not telling!! =D

Here’s to all of you 80s fans who are having a birthday in March! May your days be filled with joy and Rock On!

Like Totally Yours,

Sophie Grumble


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