Let’s Hear It For Footloose!

Recently, on On Demand, my family and I did the double feature of Footloose. First up was the 2011 version and then they showed the original 1984 movie. Call me an 80s gal, but the original is still the best! They may have made the newer one a little prettier, but the story was much better in the first one. Racing buses? Really? The tractor scene in the 1984 version just makes sense.

I have to admit, I like the Willard (Miles Teller) a lot! I think he steals the 2011 movie! He is a riot and plays this character with such charm. Almost better than the original. Emphasis on almost. I’m partial to the 80s cast and this Willard (Chris Penn) still gets my vote.

Is that Sarah Jessica Parker, I see, playing Rusty in the original? Cool! ;D

I am a fan of Dennis Quaid and he is a fellow Texan, but he can’t beat John Lithgow as the Reverend Shaw Moore. Lithgow captures the emotions and look of this small town preacher. Quaid was not believable as this character. He looks more like a business man…

Need I say more?

The 2011 movie had almost identical lines to the original. I thought there would be a significant change to the script, but there was not. The changes they did make just didn’t make sense. If you are going to update a movie, make it relevant to the times. 1984 version made sense! The 2011 movie did not capture the essence of how teenagers are today. It felt like it was trying to stay true to the original and 2011 teenagers are different than 1984 teens. Trust me, I know. I have urban and rural teenagers in my family, TODAY, and I was an 80s teen!

Last and most important, is the Ren McCormack character. Kenny Wormald did a fine job playing Ren. Unfortunately, he could not out shine Kevin Bacon. Bacon is a beloved actor and he played this character like a pro. Being a newcomer and taking on a famous Kevin Bacon role did not do Wormald any favors.

The soundtrack to the 1984 Footloose is amazing. In the 2011 version, they got artists of today doing the 1984 originals. Sorry, but that just didn’t work! I think they should have put together an all new soundtrack! There is nothing like the original and making artists try to update those classic songs is ridiculous! Here is one of my favorite movie scenes from the original to prove this point.

Here are some of the amazing songs from the 1984 soundtrack:

Performed by Kenny Loggins

“Let’s Hear It for the Boy”
Performed by Deniece Williams

“Dancing in the Sheets”
Performed by Shalamar

Performed by Moving Pictures

“I’m Free”
Performed by Kenny Loggins

“Holding Out for a Hero”
Performed by Bonnie Tyler

“Bang Your Head (Metal Health)”
Performed by Quiet Riot

“Waiting for A Girl Like You”
Performed by Foreigner

“Hurts So Good”
Performed by John Mellencamp (as John Cougar)

“Almost Paradise” (Love Theme)
Performed by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson

Classic songs that help make the original movie a hit. The 2011 soundtrack does not match these songs. Not even close.

After watching these movies back to back, I realize that I was a teenager in a truly remarkable time period. It is interesting how they are trying to bring 80s movies back to a fresh audience. What made those movies great is that they fit my generation. We could all relate to the characters and the rebellion. The 80s were known for being all about rebellion.

Hopefully, the teens of today will find their voice and what defines their generation. Sometimes I feel they are still searching. Don’t you?

Like Totally Yours,

Sophie Grumble

For another perspective on Footloose, see Pastor Greenbean Blog Enjoy! =)


7 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For Footloose!

  1. I like the newer version of Footloose cuz of Miles Teller although the newer Ren is good looking and plays the part rather well, but nothing beats the original!! I loved Chris Penn in this movie, and I really miss the guy alot. He would have been a great person to meet and just talk with. Sean is a very good actor but Chris just seemed very approachable. The remake is ok but the first is the best!! RIP Chris~~~

    1. I agree with you! The original is the best and Chris does seem to have a more approachable style. He looks like someone I could have been friends with.

      Thank you for your comment. =)

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