TV Dinner Entertainment!

It was 1982, my family and I would sit around the television set with our tv dinners. We would have our family time right in front of that screen. It was hit or miss whether the food would be good or how the entertainment was going to be for the evening. One thing was for sure, we were going to enjoy ourselves no matter what. Here are some of the top shows of the 1982-1983 season…

60 Minutes — CBS- Yes, we watched this on a regular basis. As a kid, I didn’t always enjoy this part…

Dallas — CBS- This was one very dysfunctional family, but they sure had my attention every week!

M*A*S*H — CBS- (Mobile*Army*Surgical*Hospital) My dad loved this show. We used to tease mom that she looked like Loretta Swit! She had her attitude too… =D

Magnum, P.I. — CBS- I loved this show! I may have loved me some Tom Selleck too! =D

Dynasty — ABC- I remember watching this show with my grandma. Lots of BIG HAIR in this soap. Helped make that trend pretty popular.

Three’s Company — ABC- This was a favorite for my family. How can a show go wrong with Janet, Chrissy, Jack, Mr. and Mrs. Roper around? It was pure fun to watch!

Simon & Simon — CBS- Yes, indeed! I enjoyed this show too! =D

Falcon Crest — CBS- Here is another soap I watched with grandma. That Angela Channing (Jane Wyman) used to scare me. Not just her character, but that hair!

The Love Boat — ABC- Captain Stubing, Doc, Gopher, Isaac and Julie made up a loveable cast that we enjoyed watching regularly.

The A Team — NBC- I pity the fool who missed this action adventure joy ride!

NFL Monday Night Football — ABC- Some things never change… lol

The Jeffersons — CBS – George and Louise Jefferson are great, but Florence stole the show. Her chemistry with George made this a riot to watch each week. =D

I hope you have enjoyed this look inside some of the great television programming of the 80s. If you haven’t seen these shows, grab a tv dinner and watch away. You won’t regret it! There is a reason they keep trying to bring these shows back. You can’t beat the originals. Don’t believe me? Try it and you will see!

Like Totally Yours,

Sophie Grumble


4 thoughts on “TV Dinner Entertainment!

  1. I only remember TV dinners on rare occasions. Swanson I believe, but I do remember eating our weight in Hamburger Helper. Ugh . . . I haven’t served that in my house to this day!! But I was out of the house in the 80’s, so this may have well been the case. Thanks for that insight on gramma’s nighttime soap addiction, I didn’t know that was her “thing”. Good post and thanks for the laughs.

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