A Right Depressing Year, Cheerio! =D

From the 1982 recession to Barney Clark receiving the world’s first permanent artificial heart, this year proved to be filled with many ups and downs. Here is a view into some of the major news stories that made the year unique.


The 1982 recession during the Reagan Administration resulted in high interest rates, homelessness, and unemployment. “We are really in trouble,” Reagan confided to his diary… Reagan stayed the course. “I believed the economic recovery would work,” he wrote, “because I had faith in those tax cuts and faith in the American people.” …But the American people were losing faith in Ronald Reagan. (PBS- American Experience)


On March 5, actor John Belushi is found dead of a drug overdose in a West Hollywood hotel. He was injected by Cathy Smith, who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter. (Wikipedia)


Prior to 1982, not too many people heard about the Falkland Islands or even knew where they were located. But in April, the group of islands 400 miles, north east of the southern tip of South America made the headlines. When more than four thousand Argentine troops unexpectedly invaded that territory and began an occupation that wasn’t to last very long. Britain broke diplomatic relations with Argentina and sent a naval force to the South Atlantic. (Nick Charles of UPI)

April 2 – The Falklands War begins: Argentina invades and occupies the Falkland Islands.
June 14 – The Falklands War ends: Formal surrender of Argentine forces, and liberation of the Falkland Islanders. the Union Jack was raised over Port Stanley. British Prime Minister Thatcher announces surrender of the Argentine garrison to the House of Commons.
June 18 – Argentine military dictator Leopoldo Galtieri resigns, in the wake of his country’s defeat in the Falklands War. (Wikipedia)


On June 21st, Prince William was born at St Mary’s Hospital in London. He weighed 7 lbs 1 1/2oz. (Wikipedia)


On June 21st, a Washington Jury found John Hinckley junior, the man accused of trying to assassinate President Reagan in March of 1981, innocent by reason of insanity. After four days of deliberations, the Jury said the prosecution had not proven that Hinckley was sane when he shot President Reagan and three others outside a Washington hotel. Jury Foreman Lawrence Coffey said Hinckley’s writings to actress Jodie Foster were a big factor in that final decision. (Wikipedia)


On June 25th, Secretary of state, Alexander Haig who repeatedly had difficulty with various members of the Reagan administration during his year-and-a-half into office, decided to resign his post. (UPI)


September 14th, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco died after suffering a stroke when she lost control of her automobile and crashed. Her daughter, Princess Stéphanie, was in the car with her, and survived the accident. (Wikipedia)


October 19, Automobile manufacturer John Delorean was arrested for selling cocaine to undercover FBI agents… The alleged drug trafficking was supposedly an attempt to raise funds for his struggling company, which declared bankruptcy that same year. He successfully defended himself against the drug trafficking charges, showing that his alleged involvement was a result of entrapment by federal agents.(Wikipedia)


November 11, The space shuttle Columbia completes its first operational flight. The crew included Commander- Vance D. Brand, Pilot- Robert F. Overmyer, Mission Specialist 1- Joseph P. Allen and Mission Specialist 2- William B. Lenoir (Wikipedia)


December 1st, Surgeons at the University of Utah Medical Center placed a plastic and aluminum heart in Barney Clark, a Seattle dentist with severe congestive heart failure. The world watched intently to see whether Clark would immediately die or be able to survive tethered to a 400-pound machine. He lost the battle after 112 days. (Celebrity Health article)

I hope you have enjoyed this look into 1982 history. What do you remember about this fascinating year?

Be on the lookout for 1980 Toys! That’s my next post. Do you remember your favorite?

Have a great day and Rock On!

Like Totally Yours,

Sophie Grumble


6 thoughts on “A Right Depressing Year, Cheerio! =D

  1. Wow! Ronald Reagan’s shooting is prophetic! In another shooting that has victims of the victim, Ronald Herrera has the same first name as Reagan’s while Ronald Herrera’s wife, was shot dead, her middle name was the same last name was Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Treasury, Donald Regan. The gunman was shot dead by the man with the same last name as the Reagan’s gunman’s lover, Jodie Foster. Ironically, Ronald Herrera was saved by Charles Foster! In an ironic twist, there is another shooting seven years later, the gunman was shot dead by a Jodie, this time a man, Jodie Fore!

    1. You put a lot of thought into this reply. It is a very interesting chain of events. I can see where you came to that conclusion, but I lean more on it being coincidence. It does make you pause though…

      Thank you for responding.

  2. I remember a huge blizzard in the northeast in April — it might have been on Easter Sunday.

    Great post, Sophie. It’s hard to believe those things happened thirty-one years ago. Yikes.

    1. That would be an awful thing to go through! I think the title may have been perfect for this post… I try not to think about how long it has been, that might give away our ages! Lol

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