6 comments on “A Right Depressing Year, Cheerio! =D

  1. I remember a huge blizzard in the northeast in April — it might have been on Easter Sunday.

    Great post, Sophie. It’s hard to believe those things happened thirty-one years ago. Yikes.

    • That would be an awful thing to go through! I think the title may have been perfect for this post… I try not to think about how long it has been, that might give away our ages! Lol

  2. Wow! Ronald Reagan’s shooting is prophetic! In another shooting that has victims of the victim, Ronald Herrera has the same first name as Reagan’s while Ronald Herrera’s wife, was shot dead, her middle name was the same last name was Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Treasury, Donald Regan. The gunman was shot dead by the man with the same last name as the Reagan’s gunman’s lover, Jodie Foster. Ironically, Ronald Herrera was saved by Charles Foster! In an ironic twist, there is another shooting seven years later, the gunman was shot dead by a Jodie, this time a man, Jodie Fore!

    • You put a lot of thought into this reply. It is a very interesting chain of events. I can see where you came to that conclusion, but I lean more on it being coincidence. It does make you pause though…

      Thank you for responding.

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