80s Earrings: When Fashion Doubled as Fishing Lures!

What is one of the major accessories that accentuates your wardrobe? Earrings! For the 80s gal, your outfit was not complete until you had the BIGGEST and BOLDEST pair on your ears. One of my FAVE 80s sites,Like Totally 80s, said it best about this fashion statement:

You know how cute Christmas ornaments look on a tree? During the 80s we thought the same would apply to our ears. Huge earrings from various costume jewelry collections were all the rage and if your earrings didn’t touch your shoulder, they weren’t big enough.

With that sentiment in mind, here is a peek into some of these awesome accessories:

Are you shocked that Madonna was one of the inspirations behind the HUGE earrings? NOT!


LARGE loops were all the rage as well.

Neon Colors were an ample part of the 80s wardrobe.




Guys wore earrings as well. Remember this guy?
Rob Lowe

How about this REBEL Rocker?

Remember when Claire gave Bender the earring at the end of The Breakfast Club? Not only did it symbolize a change in their relationship, up until this point, girls did not really give guys jewelry, that was mainly a gesture by boys.
breakfast club

Here are a pair of feather earrings.

Black and white jewelry was a prominent style as well.

black and white


Remember this lady? You should! She was a major fashion expert for the 80s. What show is she from?

Enamel earrings were very popular as well.


Wooden jewelry was trendy too!



Clip on earrings were worn, but not by me!!

Earrings! Earrings! They are everywhere!

If you were an 80s gal, you wore some of these earring styles. They were so much fun! I have several pairs that I kept for nostalgia’s sake. My kids have taken off with some of them, so those may be destroyed… Do you still have your earrings? What were your favorite pair? If you are having an 80s themed party, don’t forget to put on the earrings! Wear them LOUD and PROUD!

Like Totally Yours,

Sophie Grumble


Shoulder Pads! They Are Not Just For Football Anymore!!

Recently, my brother and I were watching an 80s program that featured music videos. I remember watching these on MTV, back when they actually showed music videos! As we were watching, he noticed one of the musicians with BIG shoulder pads! He said, “That should be your next fashion post!” He sent me this pic on Facebook to further emphasis he wanted me to write about this topic!

He is so right! Shoulder pads were a very popular trend. Here is what Wikipedia says about THE shoulder pad:

During the early 1980s there was a resurgence of interest in the ladies’ evening wear styles of the early 1940s: peplums, batwing sleeves and other design elements of the times were re-interpreted for a new market. The shoulder pad helped define the silhouette and was reintroduced in cut foam versions, especially in well-cut suits reminiscent of the WWII era. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was internationally noted for her adoption of these fashions. Before too long, these masculinized shapes were adopted by women seeking success in the corporate world and became an icon of women’s attempts to smash the glass ceiling, a mission that was also added by their notable appearance in the TV series Dynasty.

As the decade wore on, shoulder pads became the defining fashion statement of the era, known as power dressing and bestowing the perception of status and position onto those who wore them. They became both larger and more ubiquitous—every garment from the brassiere upwards would come with its own set of shoulder pads. To prevent excessive shoulder padding, velcro was sewn onto the pads so that the wearer could choose how many sets to wear. By the end of the era, some shoulder pads were the size of dinner plates. It was inevitable that as the cycle of fashion turned, they would lose favor in the early 1990s.

Here is THE shoulder pad in action! Check out the cut out sleeve at :32 time frame, so you can see THE shoulder pad!! =D

Who are these famous actresses and what television program can you find them on?

Another trail blazer is the late princess Diana. Her beautiful style always made her a fashion favorite.

The outstanding Grace Jones. This Bond girl exudes cool! My husband says he is afraid of her! LOL

Who is this famous rocker? She is one of my favorites!

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher, wore the shoulder pad with style.

The only Vice this show had was the fashion…

Remember this show? How can you forget Suzanne Sugarbaker?? =D

What show are these ladies from? Can you guess all of their names?

This picture cracked me up! If you want to know what the typical dressed up 80s gal looked like? Here she is:

This was an absolute blast to research! I hope my brother enjoys this post. He was the inspiration behind it. In his honor, we will make this National Shoulder Pad Day! Find some shoulder pads and wear them proud!

Like Totally Yours,

Sophie Grumble