Mommy Shark, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo…

I have an adorable and funny friend. I was showing her one of my favorite things from my Zazzle shop… leggings!!! She got excited and asked me to make some leggings for her daughter-in-law who loves sharks. I had not painted a shark before and thought this is going to be a fun challenge.

I start with my map (rough sketch)…

Next, I put on my painting glove and start finger painting the background colors. That is mainly the water. When I get to the shark, brushes are used to give a smoother appearance…

Next, I focus on the mouth and getting the rest of the background colors on…

Detail work is done on the last day of painting. I am focused on the mouth and then smoothing out the paint on the rest of the shark. After staring at my canvas and finding areas that need some touch ups, I have a finished canvas.

Predator: Job 39: 29-30

22″x28″ canvas

Oils, finished on October 3, 2018

Here are the leggings!!!!

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I had such a great time painting this! I love fun projects and making people smile!!!

Next up, African Batik design for charity. ❤️🎨🐘