Saxy Tulips!

Hey there! Welcome to my studio art blog! I have been painting for years, off and on, but am painting full time now and have started selling. I am going to take you through my first canvases (when I started painting full time) and then move you to my current projects. I am going to do about 3 canvases at a time and when I get you caught up, I will be posting one painting with the process and progress of that project.


I painted this one for my daughter, Chelsea. She wanted a saxophone for her dorm room and this is what she got! (She studied music in college with an emphasis on the sax.)

This painting is done in acrylics. It is a 22″x28″ canvas. It was finished on July 29, 2016.

I painted this canvas for my husband. We lived in Washington for about 14 years and had tulips in our front yard. We just loved them! When we moved to Texas, he wanted tulips for his office.

This was my first time trying finger painting. I did it in an impressionist style and did some touch ups with brushes.

My aunt Ann gave me these brushes right before she died. So, every time I paint with brushes, I always try to paint with at least one of hers. I like her to be a part of my projects.

This is a 1’x3′ canvas and is painted in oils. It was finished on April 21st, 2017.

Continuing with finger painting and tulips, I decided to incorporate Bible verses in the title. I wanted to go back to my roots and give my paintings a deeper purpose. Unfortunately, I did not take any other photos of this canvas. This is my first canvas sold. It is living in Utah with a sweet couple.

Title- Strength: Isaiah 7:9b

22″x28″ canvas

Oils (finished on May 23, 2017)

Next post, you will see an owl, dog, and wedding! Look out!!! 👀 🦉


Summer Vacation 2011 Series- Benini Sculpture Ranch

Inside Johnson City, TX is a very interesting outdoor experience- The Benini Sculpture Ranch. As you drive up to the ranch, there are sculptures on both sides of the road. When you get to the main building, there are many interesting sculptures and paintings inside. More sculptures await you as you continue up to the ranch house. It sits on a hill that has a beautiful view of the surrounding area. I highly recommend seeing this creative adventure. You won’t be disappointed.

Sincerely yours,

Sophie Grumble